Baxter Farms have been based at Sarre and Monkton for several generations. The main business was originally started by Edwin Baxter and then run by his sons. Anthony Baxter ran the G.G.Baxter meat business which was sold in the late 1980's. Michael Baxter ran the farming operation for many years before handing over to Nicholas in 1998. The Baxter family have a very strong link with the village communities both at Sarre and Monkton.

Nicholas Baxter


Nicholas attended Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester 1991-2 before working in London for a number of years. He has been running Baxter Farms Ltd since 1998.

He was involved in the creation of Chantry Park residential development at Sarre and has made significant changes to the overall business. He was responsible for restructuring the farming operation in 2005 to bring new efficiencies as operational costs increased. Converting old farm buildings to create modern offices at Sarre Business Centre was an extensive project. He has also overseen renewable energy schemes and the refurbishment of properties into high quality residential lettings.